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100% chaga from the pure nature of Northern Finland

Chaga mushroom is a variety of mushroom which grows on the side of a birch tree. The power of antioxidants in chaga is higher than in any studied fruit or herb. Studies have found that chaga has the ability to improve immunity, and in test tube studies, a compound called Betulin found in chaga has been found to possess cancer preventive properties.

Package size: 50 or 100 g

Manufacturer: Natural Nordic / Luontoemo

Chaga mushroom is very safe to use, if not allergic to mushrooms.

NB! Do not use antibiotics, penicillin or intravenous glucose (diabetes) together with chaga (as they act as antagonists).

Price from8.50 €


Product Price
100 g16.00 €
50 g8.50 €

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