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Wild Rose flower therapy drops

Creates a cheerful, loving feeling.

Wild Rose helps one express their love, which in turn leads to reciprocated feelings of love. Thus, the energy of love expands. Use this extract when the longing for closeness to the overwhelms your heart, or when your mind is restless. It helps one's heart open up to love, renewes one's being and deepens meditation. It helps against depression and indifference.

  • For the longing of love and the souls yearning
  • Opens up the connection to the soul

"I feel divine love."

Manufacturer: Frantsila

10 ml bottle

Dosage: 1 drop directly into the mouth 2-4 times per day or 1-2 drops in a glass of water, take in small sips.

Ingredients: Alcohol (alcohol) *, Rosa canina (wild rose, dog rose flower therapeutic free extract) *.
organic *

Price:8.50 €

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