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Twinflower flower therapy drops

Helps deepen and improve relationships.

Twinflower balances and makes one more sensitive to listen and enjoy their inner being. It deepens relationships. The extract makes one more patient and helps in finding common ground in independence and relationship crises. It gives one a content feeling and helps one process their emotions

  • For smoothing out life's rough edges
  • For assisting in disputes between close ones

"I'm in harmony with myself and my loved ones."

Manufacturer: Frantsila

10 ml bottle

Dosage: 1 drop directly into the mouth 2-4 times per day or 1-2 drops in a glass of water, take in small sips.

Ingredients: Alcohol (alcohol) *, Linnea borealis (twinflower, a therapeutic flower extract) *.
organic *

Price:8.50 €

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