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Spruce flower therapy drops

To lighten the burdens of the mind.

The spruce is suitable for those suffering from worries, duties, pressures caused by one's environment and stress. It takes the weight of the world off one's shoulders and provides inner support and security. It also helps against excessive self-criticism and helps one break off from models set by oneself and the environment.

  • For stressed individuals, against the feeling of insecurity
  • To create a peace of mind

"I am safe, I know the course of my life and accept the life around myself"

Manufacturer: Frantsila

10 ml bottle

Dosage: 1 drop directly into the mouth 2-4 times per day or 1-2 drops in a glass of water, enjoy in small sips.


Alcohol (alcohol) *, Picea abies (spruce, a therapeutic flower extract) *.
organic *

Price:8.50 €

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