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Willow (Salix vitellina)

Willow is suitable for the bitter individual, who despises everything and wallow in self-pity and who blames others and everything else except him/herself.


Willow is an extract for resentment, self-pity and bitterness. Most of these people sometimes feel more or less exploited; This extract helps to neutralize malaise and to regain one's sense of humour and sense of proportion. Willow is for feelings that one has been cheated by life - "I don't deserve this. Why is this happening to me?". In a negative Willow state, the individual is jealous of other people's good luck, health, happiness or success. The individual may be whiny, morose and grumpy.

These people are difficult patients when they are ill, because they are never pleased or satisfied, but rather see themselves as victims and are reluctant to admit any kind of progress. A constant feeling of resentment may affect the individual's general vitality and may lead to a bad general health.

A potential positive result of Willow,
is to give people permission to forgiving and to forget past injustices and enjoy life, due to which they will attract positive situations and friends. Because they no longer see themselves as victims, they are in control of their own destiny.

Size: 20 ml
Manufacturer: Bach Original Flower Remedies
Supplier: Aduki

Price:10.80 €

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