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Scleranthus (Scleranthus annus)

Scleranthus: for suffering and stress caused by indecision.


Schleranthus is for people who suffer from indecision; people needing Schleranthus find decision-making difficult, especially when they are faced with two options. These people lack balance and poise; their indecisive mind causes them to jump from one thing to another in a debate. Their mood goes up and down and they experience the extremes of joy / sadness, energy / apathy, optimism / pessimism, and laughter / crying moods.

This variable mindset can make them unreliable and they can waste time and lose opportunities due to indecision.

A potential positive opportunity of Schleranthus, is a certainty and decisiveness, as well as poise and balance at all times. Positive Schleranthus-individuals will be able to make quick decisions and act immediately if necessary.

Size: 20 ml
Manufacturer: Bach Original Flower Remedies
Supplier: Aduki

Price:10.80 €

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