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Mustard (Sinapis arvensis)

Mustard extract is suitable for individuals who sulk without reason, for those who are gloomy and solemn. It also helps against winter depression.


Mustard extract is useful against sudden depression, that comes out of nowhere, and which wears off just as suddenly with no discernible reason. This kind of melancholy can be very serious; it is like the setting of a cold, dark mist, that blackens everything and destroys normal joyfulness. The individual suffering is completely enthralled by melancholy, and is unable to shake it off through willpower alone.

A potential positive result of mustard extract, is the return of joy to one's life, which is supported by inner equilibirium and peace that neither good nor bad circumstances can destroy.

Size: 20 ml
Manufacturer: Bach Original Flower Remedies
Supplier: Aduki

Price:10.80 €

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