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Gorse (Ulex europaeus)

Gorse is recommended for the pessimist, who feels despair while believing that he/she was made to suffer. Gorse restores an optimistic outlook towards life.

Gorse is for extreme hopelessness and despair; people who have given up the struggle. They feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and have lost all hope. They may believe that their illness is hereditary and therefore incurable. They feel that they are doomed to pain and suffering, and do not try to get better. They may try different treatments in order to please their loved ones, but they do not believe in their effectiveness.

Dr. Bach wrote the following about Gorse-people: "They look as if in need of sunshine in their lives to drive the clouds away."

Gorsen's positive effect is creating a feeling of faith and hope, despite pne's current physical or mental problems.The patient feels brighter and happier and is able to see his/her illness as a positive experience. In less severe cases, he/she feels his/her state at least improving.

Size: 20 ml
Manufacturer: Bach Original Flower Remedies
: Aduki

Price:10.80 €

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