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Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Pine extract is suitable for individuals who feel strong guilt without a particular reason or blames him/herself for the mistakes of others. It is for individuals who demand a lot from themselves and are never happy with themselves.


Pine is ideal for people who feel that they are full of guilt and self-accusation; they blame themselves for the mistakes of others and, indeed, for everything that goes wrong. They feel that they are not worth anything. Their guilt-complex and feelings of shame are not necessarily based on any current mistake, but it ruins the chance to enjoy life. These people are by essence, humble and apologetic; they are sorry for being ill and may think that they have earned the pain caused by said illness.

A possible positive chance of Pine, is to let people accept their responsibilities truthfully and to provide one with sound judgment. Positive Pine-individuals accept and respect themselves just like anyone else, without being overly negative in their judgements. Dr. Bach wrote the following about Pine: "... Even a small bit of criticism towards oneself or others is still criticism against Universal Love, and that limits our powers that we could use to allow Universal Love flow through ourselves to others."

Size: 20 ml
Manufacturer: Bach Original Flower Remedies
Supplier: Aduki

Price:10.80 €

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