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Rose Maroc 5% - Rosa Centifolia essential oil

Rose aroma eases and soothes in all kinds of sorrows, disappointments, and depressions.

The rose is the queen of flowers, a timeless symbol of love and compassion. Its sweet, gentle floral fragrance warms the soul thus taking care of the emotional wounds and restoring confidence in life. Rose aroma eases and soothes all kinds of sorrows, disappointments, and depression, the smell reminds the soul of the individual perfection of one's soul. On a physical level, the rose is valued as a flower revitalizing feminine vitality and as a flower revitalizing hormonal balance. As an essential oil, the rose essential oil regenerates aging skin and smoothers wrinkles. It is the precious essential oil of love.

Supplier: Aduki Ltd
Manufacturer: Aqua Oleum, UK

Price:11.10 €

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