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Natural clay

Natural Clay for natural beauty care: clay can be used as a face mask to exfoliate the skin and to wash hair.

Clay mask is detoxifying, nourishing, soothing and deep cleansing. An environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning skin, hair and scalp; gentle peeling effect.

White kaolin clay is mild and suitable for normal, sensitive and dry skin. It can lighten pigmentation spots and soften wrinkles.

Green clay is suitable for oily skin and removing impurities.

Red clay is recommended for sensitive and flushing skin. Iron oxide has an enhancing effect on capillaries which makes red clay ideal for couperosa skin. Red clay revives tired skin and moisturizes.


Put 1-2 tablespoons of clay in a bowl, add a splash of water and mix a thick paste.

You can also add a drop of essential oil of your choice, coconut oil or olive oil.

Apply on the skin and leave on for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Size: 50 g

Marketing: Luontoemo Oy

Country of origin: Brazil

Price from4.50 €


Product Price
White4.50 €
Green4.50 €
Red4.50 €

Additional information

50 g:

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