Homeopathic single remedies

Acidum Phosphoricum - overworked, weak and weary

Aconitum napellus - acute inflammations, first aid in scares, shock; throat irritation, cough, pyrexia

Aesculus hippocastanum - varicose, hemorrhoids, sluggish bowel function

Aethusa - acute gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea with intense fatigue

Allium sepa - colds and hay fever, eyes stinging and bleeding, clear runny nose

Apis mellifica - infections, stings and bites, redness, swelling, and warmth

Argentum nitricum - fears, tension, panic

Arnica montana - wounds, bruises, bruises, concussion, sprains, muscle ache

Arsenicum album - upset stomach, diarrhea, food poisoning

Belladonna - high fever, inflammation, sunstroke, migraine, flushed face, swelling and dryness, dry cough. An important remedy for children.

Bryonia - slimy hoarse cough, rheumatic pain, tenosynovitis, sore throat and fever

Calcium carbonicum - colds, abundant perspiration, eczema, constipation, bedwetting of children, ear infection

Cantharis - urinary tract infection, burns, sunburns

Carbo vegetabilis - flatulence, life force depletion because of illness, loss of voice. Tinnitus with nausea and vertigo.

Causticum - burns, fear of darkness, rheumatic pains, dry cough, hoarseness, dry skin, rashes, warts, constipation

Chamomilla vulgaris - colic, earache, teething, all kinds of pains, dry cough

Cocculus - motion sickness, dizziness, menstrual problems, back pain

Drosera - whooping cough, hoarseness (at night), cough

Dulcamara - earache, warts, urinary tract infection, moist cough and hoarseness

Eupharasia officinalis - cold with watery eyes, eye inflammation, watery runny nose

Ferrum Phosphoricum - flu that starts with rhinitis, ear and throat pains

Gelsemium - colds, flu, influenza, sore throat, exam stress, stage fright, migraine, menstrual cramps, allergies

Graphites - itching scalp, dandruff, tinnitus, allergies, ulcers, nose bleeding, constipation, watery vaginal discharge

Hamamelis virginiana - bleeding hemorrhoids, varicose, cutaneous bleeding

Hepar sulfuris - inflammations, wounds, cough, colds, flu, acne, rheumatic pains, earache

Hypericum perforatum - painful cuts, deep wounds with damaged nerves, nerve pain

Ignatia - prolonged grief, disappointment, hair loss, heartburn, headache, insomnia

Ipecacuanha - nausea, vomiting, convulsive cough

Lachesis - circulatory disorders, menopausal discomfort, runny diarrhea, asthma and allergy symptoms, hay fever, leg ulcers, skin rashes

Ledum palustre - puncture wounds, stiffness in the joints, ankle sprain

Lycopodium clavatum - indigestion, constipation, heartburn, cleansing effect, urinary tract infection, impotence, inflammation of the eye, tinnitus, slimy runny nose, irritability, fear of failure, period pain

Magnesium carbonicum - neuralgia, cramps, stomach pain, teething, heartburn, menstrual problems, insomnia, diarrhea

Mercurius solubilizing - inflamed glands, yellow or green discharge, purulent inflammations, gingivitis, bedwetting

Natrium muriaticum (l Natrii chloridum.) - sneezy cold, allergy symptoms, cold sores, shingles, ulcers / blisters in the mouth, decreased sense of taste, neck stiffness, dryness of mucous membranes

Nux vomica - stomach, intestine and digestive system, nervous system, stress symptoms, nausea, nasal congestion, stuffy colds, bloody hemorrhoids, back pain, difficulty in sleeping

Phosphorus - hypersensitivity, fear of darkness, dizziness, hair loss, headache, bleeding, menorrhagia, joint problems, skin rashes

Podophyllum - diarrhea, inflamed intestines

Potassium bichronicum - mucosal infections, such as sinusitis, thick and yellow secretions

Potassium carbonicum - light-headedness, headache, dry hair, swelling, sweating, back pain, stabbing pain in the throat, menstrual cramps, joint discomfort, constipation, hemorrhoids

Pulsatilla - eye inflammation, ear pain, fever, bad breath, menstruation, prostatitis, hives, difficulty sleeping, lack of labor contractions

Rhus toxicodendron - joint pain or injury due to over-exertion, eye inflammation, vesicules, shingles, flu, lumbago, stiffness in the back, skin rashes

Ruta graveolens - tendons, ligaments and periosteum injuries

Sepia officinalis - sneezy colds, vesicules, nausea during pregnancy, constipation, diarrhea after drinking milk, nocturnal enuresis, menopausal symptoms, yellowing of the nails

Silicea - redness and itching, chronic headaches, repeated ear infection, inflammation of the throat, chest infection, nail fungus, repeated flu

Spongia Tosta - dry, hoarse, barking cough

Thuja - headache, ear ache, runny nose, nasal polyps, warts and moles, urinary tract infection, prostatitis, vaccination damage

Valerian - insomnia, tension, restlessness and nervousness

Veratrum album - severe vomiting and diarrhea

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