Essential oils, qualities and benefits




Balancing and stimulating, with a camphorous, woody scent. Indicated for asthma, bronchitis, flu, muscle aches, pulmonary conditions, rheumatism, sinusitis, and sore throat.

Caution should be taken if you have epilepsy, or high blood pressure.




Comforting and healing, a sweet floral scent.Indicated for neuralgia, tonsillitis, inflammation, poor circulation, burns, eczema, and rheumatism.

Caution should be taken as geranium's antiseptic, antifungal properties could irritate sensitive skin. It's anti-spasmodic properties also mean it should not be used during pregnancy.




Provides a refreshing and is therefore helpful with a variety of mental concerns.Indicated for depression, anxiety, digestive issues, and water retention.

Caution should be taken as grapefruit oil is phototoxic, and should not be used prior to exposure to the sun, or a tanning bed.




Calming and healing, a floral, woody scent. Lavender is mild, yet very ive, and is likely the most popular of all the essential oils. Indicated for colds, flu, headaches, tension, anxiety, skin conditions such as burns, oily skin, acne, insomnia, rheumatism, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

Caution should be taken when using lavender oil while pregnant, or if you have low blood pressure.




A fresh, lemon scent, and a calming on the body. Indicated for acne, oily skin, muscle aches, excess perspiration, and stress.

Caution should be taken if you have sensitive skin.




A soothing , and a sweet, woody scent. Indicated for anxiety related disorders, skin conditions such as acne and chapped skin. Patchouli may also be ive for treating water retention and cellulite.




A stimulating , and a strong, minty aroma. Indicated for asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, migraines, muscle and joint pain, as well as indigestion and colic.

Caution should be taken if you have sensitive skin.




A restorative , and a refreshing, woody scent. Indicated for colds, flu, digestive disorders, fatigue, gout, liver/gall bladder problems, as well as skin conditions such as burns and minor wounds.

Caution should be taken as rosemary's stimulating s may create difficulty if you are epileptic, suffering from high blood pressure, or pregnant.




Calming, and has a fruity, sweet scent. Indicated for anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, digestive issues, aging skin. Caution should be taken as tangerine is also phototoxic, and should not be used prior to exposure to the sun, or a tanning bed.


Ylang Ylang


Calming, a powerful floral scent. Indicated for treatment of anxiety, intestinal infections, and stress. It is also known to have a balancing on the hormones.

Caution should be taken as Ylang Ylang's powerful floral scent can cause headaches, and irritate sensitive, or inflammatory skin conditions.

Orange - Citrus Aurantium var.dulcis

Orange oil has a fresh and relaxing scent. Orange uplifts mood and reduces anxiety. Orange oil can be used to treat stomach and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), to improve digestion and to increase appetite.

Basil - Ocimum Basilikum crispum

Basil can be used to brighten ideas and to cure headache and fatigue. Basil strengthens the nerves and relieves tension and relaxes the muscles.

Basil is said to "attract money" but it also creates happiness, peace and sympathy in human relations.

Benzoic - Styrax benzoin

Benzoic's scent is of warm wood and vanilla. Benzoic has characteristics which improve blood circulation, strengthen personal strength and lift the spirit. Benzoic oil has traditionally been used to banish evil spirits, and to approach the higherpowers.

Bergamot - Citrus bergamia

With its scent of a refreshing citrus, bergamot helps in depression, stress or insomnia. Bergamot has the characteristics of a stress reliever and spirit uplifter. Bergamot is also used to cure acne.

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus has a fresh and invigorating scent. Eucalyptus is used for freshening and purifying the air and the atmosphere in a room. Eucalyptus is a true respiratory super oil: it helps in a stuffy cold and relieve flu symptoms. Eucalyptus can also be used in the elimination of muscle tension. In the mind level, the oil brightens up thoughts and soothes and balances emotions and the mind.

Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare

Fennel smells of fresh anise. It has antiseptic properties, it stimulates metabolism, removes liquids and muscle tension and trigger.

Frankincense - Boswellia carteri

Frankincense is a purifying and soothing essential oil. It also works well in meditation.

Geranium - Pelargonium graveolens

Warm and sunny scent of Geraniumiun elevates mood, eliminates tension, relieves depression, and balances the hormone production. Geranium essential oil is said to increase happiness.

Grapefruit - Citrus x paradisi

Grapefruit oil is mood-enhancing and antidepressant action. This essential oil is good for stressful mind. Grapefruit is a powerful cleaner, therefore it is used in cleansing rites.

Ginger - Zingiber officinale

Ginger works in favor of immunity, strengthening and restoring blood flow. It is also connected to sexuality, love, courage, and material well-being.

Jasmine - Jasminum officinale

Jasmine is an oil of creativity and sexuality, which elevates mood and relaxes. Jasmine is also useful for PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, childbirth facilitation and post-natal depression.

Chamomile - Anthemis nobilis

The gentle and gentle chamomile soothes, calms and relieves pain. Chamomile essential oil can be used for skin care and cleaning as other forms.

Cinnamon leaf

Cinnamon leaf oil facilitates circulatory problems and digestion, arthritis symptoms, physical exhaustion and loss of strength.

Cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum

Except that spicy cardamom is suitable for the kitchen, it also emphatizes sensuality, strengthens the nerves and relieve fatigue.

Juniper - Juniperus communis

Juniper oil has a strong cleansing and protective feature. Juniper also relieve muscle and joint pain.


Coriander is suitable for eg. children's toothache. Coriander essential oil influences metabolism, muscles and fatigue-emptively. 

Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is a very versatile essential oil pan, used to treat a myriad of physical and psychological ailments. Lavender oil is often helpful, if not otherwise sure which oil to choose from. Lavender is physically and mentally balancing, soothing, purifying and analgesic. It is a powerful and accelerating skin renewal treatment oil, which among other things. treat burns and wounds.

The soothing effect also extends to the heart function and circulation: lavender calms palpitations, extra beat and arrhythmias. Lavender also used to treat dependence on space, obsessions and traumas, as well as balancing of anxiety, depression and nervousness.

Lavender can be used unten countries as a preparatory bath or soles of the feet and the solar plexus rubbed. The small nocturnal awakening children lavender oil helps to sink back to sleep.

Lavender is one of the few oils which need not be diluted.


Geranium + lavender: mushroom growth

Rosemary + lavender: bruises

Frankisensi + lavender: asthma treatment

Marjoram + lavender: arthritis pain, neuralgia

Lime - Citrus aurantifolia

Lime refresh and elevate mood, strengthens the nerves and clarify feelings and respiratory tract. Lime also alleviate symptoms of insect stings.

Mandarin - Citrus reticulata

Tangerine brings joy and sunshine of life. Manderin is gentle and gentle-acting, and it is also suitable for children to relieve pain and restlessness. In pregnant women it prevents the formation of stretch marks. Manderin refresh digestion and relieve abdominal pain.

Sweet marjoram

Marjoram the kit Hellävaraisten oils is gently warming, strengthens the nerves and the body expansionary. Marjoram more action and energize activity. It helps herkkähermoisuuteen and has taken care of problems related to human relations. Meiramiöljyllä has asthma and respiratory problems, digestion and stomach pain, as well as facilitating appetite balancing features.

Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha

Myrrh promotes peace of mind, increases mental awareness and balance the emotions. Mirhasta is helpful in finding the direction, when the feel that they are mentally stuck. It also helps in channeling the released energy for new tasks. Mirhaöljy soothes the respiratory mucous membranes and treat gingivitis, and is therefore an effective ingredient in mouthwashes and toothpastes. In addition to the pharaohs balsamoimisen it has been used traditionally in skin itching, wounds and fungal infections.

Muskatellisalvia - Salvia sclarea

Muskatellisalviaöljy treat gynecological and hormonal ailments: to relieve menstrual pain, regulates menstruation, treat white discharge, menopausal ailments and unstable mood fluctuations. Afrodisisenä oil, it also strengthens the men physically, sexually and nervous. Activate your dreams and remember seeing them, linking back to an imaginary world. Soothe the panic and shock premises.

Black pepper - Piper nigrum

Black Pepper Oil more action and energize energize. It effectively contribute to arthritis pain, muscular stiffness and coldness, both physical and emotional. Black pepper to strengthen self-defense attitude, encourages, promotes mental focus and motivation. Dispense with caution.

Myrtle - Myrtus communis

The gentle myrtle is suitable to treat and cleanse the respiratory tract, especially in children. It also cleans smoking in human lungs. Myrttiöljyllä to treat oily, large pore and skin with acne. Also, in the treatment of hemorrhoids sitäMyrttiöljy has nerves strengthening, transition in the lives of comfort and peace brings.

Pine - Pinus sylvestris

Tall oil refreshes and protects against infections, because it is a strong antiseptic and disinfectant. It opens and strengthens the respiratory tract as decongestants and mucus. The oil can burn tuoksulampussa during infectious diseases and massage oil blends used in the treatment of the respiratory system. Pine also cleans the air in the room. Mentally pine increases stamina and endurance, humility, self-confidence, consideration of others and acceptance.

Cloves - Syzygium aromaticum

Cloves is traditionally used for tooth pain and inflammation due to antiseptic and analgesic properties. Carnation refreshes the mind and strengthen the physically and mentally. It has been used to treat psychiatric problems, such as the mother of trauma, psychosis and fears. Cloves is not used for baths.

Neroli - Citrus aur.v.amara, Bigar.

Scent of orange blossom or neroli Intoxicating offers treatment for depression, phobias, anxiety, overwork of the nervous system, stress and insomnia. Neroli soothes stress situations, to relieve heart palpitations and calms the mind. Neroli oil is also used in skin care: skin cells strongly uusivana it helps the skin remain supple and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It also protects the sensitive people who are susceptible to the negative influence of the environment. Neroli also promotes creativity, freedom of expression and help in finding insipiraation.

Palma Rosa - Cymbopogon martinii

Strong-scented palmarosa is an antiseptic essential oil, which is used in skin care. It protects, repairs and moisturizes the skin and balances sebum secretion. Palma Rosa brighten ideas and perception, strengthen self-esteem, as well as to lift and lighten your mood.

Patchouli - Pogostemon GABLIN

Antiseptic, effective against infections and fungi exotic scent of patchouli also removes fluids and reduces appetite. Earthy oil also grounded dreamers. Patsuliöljy gives strength, brightening the view, refresh and strengthen. Patchouli is also afrodisinen oil, which helps to release, to face their own sexuality, and can be helpful for sexual incapability.

Petit Grain - Citrus aur.var.amara

Bitter Orange leaves, twigs and pikkuhedelmistä, 'granules' claim petit grain oil is suitable for psychological reasons arising from the problems of the respiratory system and blood circulation, soothes the nervous system and stimulates the view. Petit Grain also triggers muscle spasms and facilitate both physical and psychological stress areas. Suitable for people who have blocked, inflexible, and prone to joint diseases.

Peppermint - Mentha

Peppermint oil stimulates the physiological functions, enhance the body, helping to nausea, abdominal pain and flatulence, headache, and nervousness. Peppermint also enhance the resistance to the action, prevents infections and immediate healing. With eucalyptus it is suitable for the treatment of a common cold, flu and respiratory system, mucus and mucous membranes reinforcement. Its aroma more keskittymiskykä, brighten ideas and refresh the memory. Terms also more generosity and help get rid of vähemmyydentunteesta.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary stimulates the adrenal bark and kortikolin production, accelerating the metabolism and promoting resistance to stress. It also improves blood circulation and digestion, treat rheumatism and pain. Rosemary oil will alert and refreshed, refresh your memory and eliminate fatigue on many different levels. It will help mental fatigue, the idea of ​​the work and headaches. Rosemary will also provide respiratory symptoms, asthma and coughing.


Rose, queen of flowers, oil, and balm of the soul, create harmony, love, peace and balance. It relieves sadness, worry and depression. It helps women who are unsure of feminine identity, or hormonal problems and the resulting emotional problems. The rose is also suitable for aging skin, regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties merits.

Sage - Salvia lavandulaefolia

Spanish sage is a gentler alternative thujone containing salvia officinalis. The Spaniards liked potion in the Middle Ages all improving, among others. the plague of protection. Sage is a plant hormone, and it regulates menstruation, alleviating menopausal complaints and prevent discharge. Salvia is also affected styptic milk input. It strengthens the mentally emotionally sensitive, relaxes and prevents ärtyisyyspuuskia.

Sandalwood - Santalum album

Exotic sandalwood evokes a sense of joy and happiness, balance changing moods, encourages creativity and banish fears. Oil to strengthen internal vision and sensitize spiritual growth. Skin care is used for sensitive and aging skin, allergies, infections, and fungal infections. Sandalwood is also responsible for urinary tract and genital infections.

Cedar, cedar - Cedrus atlantica

Antiseptic and soothing mucous membranes of cedar oil to relieve bronchitis, sore throat and cough. It also used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, fungal infections, itchy skin, oily skin and scalp, dandruff and pälvikaljuisuutta. The scent of Cedar banish the flying and crawling organisms, particularly with sitronellan effectively. Cedar is used for meditation, it brings together and focus the thoughts and helps to achieve a balance and a feeling of control of life.

Lemon - Citrus limonum

Lemon removes odor epämiellyttää mm. tobacco scented the room. Lemon essential oil has a curative effect on work effort, because it helps you focus and stimulates the intellect. It promotes digestion and improve blood circulation. It has beneficial effects in the treatment of cellulite and varicose veins.

Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens

Sypressiöljy an oil change, to comfort loss situations at the time of separation. Cypress promote wisdom and maturity through grief and give strength. It helps to adjust to other changes, such as a job or an apartment reassignment. On the physical level sypressiöljy regulates the body's water balance, reduce swellings, cellulite, relieve venous and lymphatic vessel blockages, resist infection and relieve the symptoms of the common cold.

Tea tree, tea tree - Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree or tea tree oil is one of the useful eID aromatherapy oils, which tuhooa bacteria, fungi and viruses. It enhances the immune system and accelerate the healing process. It is well suited for use in insect bites and the bites, wounds, eczema, decks, boils.

Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata Genuina

Seductively sweet scent of ylang ylang affected by psychosomatic ailments related to stress such as high blood pressure, palpitations calming and relaxing by. It will soothe and uplift thought to relieve anger, tension, insomnia. Lemmenkukka ylang ylang to spread the scent of love, empathy and sexual interest. For alleviating the anxieties, fear and uncertainty caused by sexual problems. Also mustasukkaisten people's emotional outbursts of a deterrent it is said to affect. Hair Care Ylang ylang is used to treat dry Hair Tip, to prevent hair loss and give shine.


Source: Aduki Ltd